Director : Dana Vespoli

Director Dana Vespoli

Critically acclaimed pornographer Dana Vespoli is known for creating compelling character driven erotic dramas that explore taboo desires and fantasies of release and surrender. Never short on intensity or hardcore fucking that pushes every boundary.

Dana Vespoli has Created 5 Series

Dana Vespoli in Fluid

Fluid 5 Episodes

Fluid is a dripping psychodrama straight from the brilliant mind of Dana Vespoli. Spit flies everywhere, people fuck under water, and everybody gets off except the gimp.

Dana Vespoli in Girl/Boy

Girl/Boy 7 Episodes

Girl/Boy examines gender fluidity through the use of flipped interactions and upturned gender expecations.

Dana Vespoli in A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty 4 Episodes

Dana Vespoli’s hardcore take on faustian bargains and the ugly duckling.

Dana Vespoli in Descent

Descent 4 Episodes

Dana experiences one depraved sexual encounter after another, unable to tell which is a dream, what's hallucination... and who is a genuine threat.

Dana Vespoli in Back in Black

Back in Black 4 Episodes

Variety is beautiful. Sex is glorious. Let's all orgasm together.