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Performer Kayden Kross

Co-owner of TRENCHCOATx. Performer. Director. Sex bomb.

Videos Kayden Kross Appears in: 18

A Blowjob and a Hookah Series : only.

An intimate, home movie style evening where a blow job becomes the main event.

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A POV in the Pool House Series : only.

  • Added On : September 3, 2015
  • Starring : Kayden Kross
  • Running Time: 28:27

Before Kayden was an internationally awarded xxx performer she was a damn fine stripper. The proof is in the way she artfully writhes and teases her lingerie off poolside, in stilettos, until she's good and ready to wade slowly into the water. When she thinks you're good and ready, she leads you inside...

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A Shared Partner Series : only.

Kayden and Manuel have two rules. The first is that he can only fuck other women on camera. The second is that she must fuck them first."You know what my husband does, don't you?" Kayden prods. Bree is young and beautiful and naive in that Midwestern way, and no, she does not know. "He's a photographer,...

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A Towel and an Afternoon Series : only.

Clothes are overrated; context is too.Let's just say, Kayden loses her towel quickly, then teases Manuel's cock to attention and treats him to a friggin' spectacular blowjob...and then other awesome sex things happen...xoxo

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Champagne Room Series : Sacrosanct

This episode of sacrosanct is about as personal for me as a sex act caught on camera can be. Not only did I direct this project and then insert myself into the cast, but the idea is borne of some muddy mix of personal fantasy and real life memory.- Kayden Kross

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Does She Touch You Like This? Series : Kayden Fucks With Girls

Evelin's longtime friend Kayden is back in town, and when Kayden interrupts her with a surprise visit it is only for the purpose of asking about a new development in Evelin's life. "So I heard you got a girlfriend," she says. "Does she touch you like this?"

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Don't Let Boys Make You Cry Series : Kayden Fucks With Girls

When Ryan's boyfriend brings her to tears at a party, Kayden is quick to help take her mind off of him. This is what friends are for.

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Kayden Fucks with the Other Woman Series : Kayden Fucks With Girls

When Kayden walks in on her husband fucking another woman, she's upset, but more upset that the other woman doesn't even suck his dick the way he likes it. Kayden is quick to show Lena how it's done, and the two end up in a competitive and antagonistic threesome to which Manuel quickly becomes little...

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