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Performer Michael Vegas

Professional fornicator. Lover of hugs. @ItsMichaelVegas

Videos Michael Vegas Appears in: 3

NYC Highline Series : Around the World in 80 Ways

Michael Vegas had a dream where Stoya walked into his hotel room and started feeding him cheesy Combos in bed. This might have had something to do with the fact that he was resting in a hotel room in NYC waiting for Stoya to walk in, wake him up, and have sex with him. No snack foods were harmed during...

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Oops Series : Control Freak

When Michael disappears from Ivy's party of two to take a business call, Ivy gets down to business too. Interrupting him wearing nothing but killer lingerie and a man's shirt, she gives Michael one last chance before the games begin. He blows it. But when Ivy's glass shatters on the floor, Michael finally...

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Patient Series : Control Freak

Cecilia loses track of what is real and what is imagined as she grapples with a growing desire to give up control completely. Her therapist presses her for more information, unaware that he's an inspired part of the problem in the first place.

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