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Performer Stallion Strong

Adult actor, livin in porn valley. @StallionStrongX

Videos Stallion Strong Appears in: 5

Abigail Mac Series : The Female of the Species

Abigail Mac wears a red dress with a slit that runs fully up the leg. Home after the heist, she and Stallion make their way slowly down a corridor. Is it adrenaline they're hyped up on? Maybe. Either way, she draws the night out, toying with him before she dives in.

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Katrina Jade and Stallion Strong Series : Gamer Girls

When Katrina's boyfriend refuses to divert his attention from his video games to her, Katrina tries her go-to distraction. When that doesn't work either, she pulls out the big guns. Literally.

Spoiler Alert: Katrina Jade puts the new Lara Croft to shame.

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Riley Nixon and Stallion Strong Series : Trashy Love Story

Holly, Evelyn and Stallion come around the corner to find Riley lounging in a makeshift pool. Stallion rushes to join her. I knew you'd be happy to see me, she says suggestively. And he is. Stallion and Riley disappear together for a heated hookup.

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The Pro Blowjob Series : How to Blowjob

A woman whose oral skills elevate her to the level of a goddess among mortals, Veronica Avluv brings an extra level of umph to the continuing lesson on How to Blowjob. Using a skilled double grip and red-wrapped lips, she works like a machine as Stallion stands bravely in concentration, trying not to...

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Where Have You Been? Series : Cheater Cheater

Bridgette B. finishes Stallion off nicely before they both rest. Hours pass, and Bridgette wakes up in a panic. Racing against the clock, she thinks she just might have beat her husband home, until he walks up behind her without a sound. Calmly, he asks, “Where have you been?”

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