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Performer Tyler Nixon

Dodging reality. @tyler_nixon

Videos Tyler Nixon Appears in: 6

Euphoria Series : Love for Sale

Chloe shares the story of her first paid encounter. She was tending a hotel bar, and he was shaggy and sweet, and disarming in his boyishness. It was his birthday, and he was stuck in town overnight. His name was Tyler and he was cute, but I had work to do. He just wouldn't quit begging with that mischievous...

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He's Not Supposed to Tease Series : Games We Play

Ashley and Tyler have made a head game out of sexually frustrating each other. When Tyler takes it too far, Ashley takes her revenge. Do you know what happens to teases, she asks? Teases get tied up.

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Powerful Series : Love for Sale

Whitney, Chloe's coworker, is onto her hustle. She's watched her stalk clients at the bar, picking them off like prey, and wants in on the action.Cornering her, Whitney explains that she is a struggling college student on the verge of failure, and would be eternally grateful, if only Chloe could offer...

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The First Time Series : Sun-Lit

Do you remember the first time? The pressure and the unending need building there, swelling to a blood-hot flush in your cheeks and in your toes. And that other person—how strange it was that you knew that other person—the two bodies distinct in one moment, freshly exposed, then so blended as to...

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Valentina and her Husband Have a Game Series : Games We Play

The game is simple. She can do whatever it takes to seduce a man, and he can do whatever it takes to deter the man. If the man fucks her, she wins.

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Where's Your Wife? Series : Cheater Cheater

Arie' has been the Nixon's personal assistant for enough time to know she's got a crush on the boss, Tyler. Each day she brings the couple coffee and begins her work, until one day one half of the couple is missing. "Where's your wife," she asks Tyler innocently. "You know how things go," he says.

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