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Crash Pad 2 Episodes

Created By : Shine Louise Houston

Based on the Feminist Porn Award's "Hottest Dyke Sex Scene" and queer sex cult classic The Crash Pad, this series continues the story of a secret apartment in San Francisco dedicated to hot, queer sex. Thanks to the voyeuristic supervision of the Keymaster -- played by director Shine Louise Houston -- the lube never runs out, the sheets are always clean (no matter how much you soaked them the night before), and your wildest fantasies can come true. The only rule? You need a Key to get in, and once you've used it seven times, you have to pass it on.This is your Key to the Crash Pad. Stick it in.

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2 Episodes Available

James Darling and Tobi Hill-Meyer

Series : Crash Pad

For a good time, call 1-800-Dick-N-a-Box. Tobi Hill-Meyer has some dick to deliver, and neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays James Darling from the swift delivery of his appointed dick. Ever dutiful, James decides to inspect said dick to ensure it is of the utmost quality, and Tobi is happy to assist in thoroughly testing it from all angles. Vigorous cock QA deserves a fitting reward, which Tobi is sure to receive. by Keymaster

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Mona Wales and Lea Hart

Series : Crash Pad

"You know I love to pun off my guests' names, but these two make it too easy. Lea Hart's clearly got a hart-on for bossy Mona Wales, who soon has her wailing, herself. You could say Mona's a real Hart-breaker. They finish up with a mutual masturbation session that has them both Mona-ing. Jeez, they're gonna revoke my license to pun for than one."

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