Mormon Girlz

Mormon Girlz

Created By : Plural

Mormon Girlz reveals the sexual rituals practiced by a secret priesthood of powerful Mormon men.

These men, known as seedbearers, “comprise the inner circle of faithful members” of the Church. They have taken secret oaths and merit great blessings, and are free to select sexual partners from among all the women in the community.

During their journey, fertile virgins are inspected and inseminated, becoming the spiritual wives of the seedbearers.

“Celestial marriage, or polygamy, is the gate to membership in the church of the Firstborn, the inner circle of faithful saint who are heirs of exaltation and the fullness of the Father’s kingdom.” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 139)

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Mormon Girlz : The Calling

Episode 01 : The Calling

An older stranger inspects Katherine, probing and sniffing her virgin pussy. Katherine and Kara finally consummate their love on the altar.