Created By : Kayden Kross

The attraction to sunlight for me as a unifying thread is squarely rooted in the unconstrained feel of spending hours wasting away an afternoon between the sheets. For a good portion of us that territory lies in the weekend. People know what I mean when I say sex that feels like Saturday. But even more wonderful, for me, are those afternoons stolen from the weekday. They are Tuesdays in a hotel somewhere else while we wait for the intimacy of the knock that brings room service. They are Wednesdays when we’ve ditched school. They are the first Thursdays of summer. I associate these stretches of daylight not with the more extreme sports I might engage in after midnight, but rather with the rolling haze and warmth that comes from so much closeness of skin and of breath in the space of two sheets. I associate these times with wrinkled sheets.

-Kayden Kross

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2 Episodes Available

Sun-Lit : Valentina Nappi and Jay Savage

Episode 01 : Valentina Nappi and Jay Savage

Valentina wears a cotton tee and cotton panties. Looking through the window, she says, "The neighbors can see in." Jay smiles mischievously. "Let’s give them a show."


Sun-Lit : Eva Lovia and Manuel Ferrara

Episode 02 : Eva Lovia and Manuel Ferrara

In one of our favorite creations to date, make up sex is exactly what we wanted to see between Eva and Manuel. Their chemistry was nearly audible in the silence. It felt as if they needed to get back to each other. So someone said, Go. And then they went.