Trashy Love Story

Trashy Love Story

Created By : Kayden Kross

In Trashy Love Story, we bumped up the color and the music for a trashy-chic take on the culture that everyone remembers—if not firsthand then at least because what you remember of your friend's mom is that she was hot and she smoked in her bleach-stained bathrobe. Some of us grew up there, others visited, and all of us know what we're getting at when we pair the right mustache with a beer can and a white ribbed tank. 

This is the culture of the American Woman with the big hair and the flag print on her clothes, the toned thighs in cutoff shorts, the cigarette dangling loosely from her lips near a straw pile. She's an icon in her own right, a cultural trope recognized the world over as the emblematic female of the nation. Love her or hate her, she's here to stay, and she's got at least something to do with the sexual fixations of your youth.

Trashy Love Story is full of rampant sex and dripping hot with characters who make bad decisions with sometimes good intentions.


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2 Episodes Available

Trashy Love Story : Kenzie Reeves

Episode 01 : Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves lives in the fast-lane and is looking to take someone for a ride.


Trashy Love Story : Holly Hendrix

Episode 02 : Holly Hendrix

Are you okay with being a rebound, she asks abruptly. Only if you are, he says.