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XConfessions : Episode 13

Eat With Me


I had a crush from the first moment I saw him on screen. Tall, handsome, and a little shy. He never made it to the final rounds of that cooking show show everyone watches, but he stole the scene each time he appeared. I just couldn’t get enough...of his arms...steadily chopping or softly kneading. I was jealous of the way he held his knife. I wanted to become bread dough under his hands.

After the judges sent him home (damn unfair!), I booked a session for one of his private workshops at his place. I must be a terrible actress, because shortly after I arrived, it became obvious he'd uncovered my plan. All my excuses for showing up alone sounded lame, so I decided not to lie.

“I want to be fed by you”, I said. He took my cutlery, stared into my eyes, and smiled. Then he caressed my mouth softly, and I licked it and bit. “Finger food for you, then. I’m sure you will enjoy it," he said. And then we ate each other up.

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