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Series / The Female of the Species

Avg Rating: 5.0

Created by: Kayden Kross

The Female of the Species glorifies the concept of the predatory women. Smart, sensual, and calculated in her movements, she is a literary ideal further amplified by the visual realization of the pillowy lips and thighs that could kill you in their grip.

Scenes From: The Female of the Species

Abigail Mac
Abigail Mac, Stallion Strong
88 Photos, 28 min of video
Abigail Mac wears a red dress with a slit that runs fully up the leg. Home after the heist, she and Stallion make their way slowly down a corridor. Is it adrenaline they're hyped up on? Maybe. Either way, she draws the night out, toying with him before she dives in.

Nicole Aniston
Nicole Aniston
31 min of video
Nicole is in perfect control and wields her body like a blade. If her boy toy will just stay calm when her husband's executor comes to lay out the terms of her inheritance, she might reward him with one last celebratory tryst.

Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross
22 min of video
Jesse, Kayden, and Riley have been branded together for years, but when the show is eroded by the economics of a new era, they decide to end their final scene together on their own terms

About Last Night
Evelyn Claire, Manuel Ferrara
20 min of video
This parody of the music video "Partition" picks up where the video leaves off: in the back of a car, two people half-dressed with their hands running frantically across each other's skin. Evelyn plays a seductress to Manuel's one-man audience. When the music stops, he dives in.

Take It Slow
Audrey Noir, Juan Lucho
48 Photos, 29 min of video
When Juan rushes the physical advance, Audrey makes a show of reminding him that it is the journey and not the arrival that matters.