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Series / Trashy Love Story

Avg Rating: 5.0

Created by: Kayden Kross

Trashy Love Story is loud, bright, slightly twisted, and dripping hot with characters who make bad decisions with sometimes good intentions.

Scenes From: Trashy Love Story

Kenzie Reeves
Donnie Rocks, Holly Hendrix
98 Photos, 16 min of video
Holly Hendrix is that girl who puts up with it and Donnie is that guy who knows she will. Wearing a white tank top and driving with a drink in hand, Donnie solicits a little road head on his way to the party. Once at the party, though, Donnie gets distracted. You won't love him but you might envy him. After all, Kenzie Reeves lives in the fast-lane and is looking to take someone for a ride.

Holly Hendrix
Holly Hendrix, Jessy Jones
36 Photos, 26 min of video
Following Donnie's betrayal at the party, Jessy finds a quieter place for Holly to gather her thoughts. After kicking another couple out of a back room, the pair settles down on the edge of the bed. Jessy tries to cheer Holly up, but she's more in the mood for a distraction. Are you okay with being a rebound, she asks abruptly. Only if you are, he says.

Riley Nixon and Donnie Rocks
Donnie Rocks, Riley Nixon
12 Photos, 10 min of video
Donnie's sister, Evelyn, cooks buttered pasta while gossiping with Riley, a buzzed badass with a set of supertits. Enter Donnie with a bottle. You looking at me, he asks Riley.No one's looking at you, she says, eyeing his dick.

Riley Nixon and Stallion Strong
Riley Nixon, Stallion Strong
31 Photos, 26 min of video
Holly, Evelyn and Stallion come around the corner to find Riley lounging in a makeshift pool. Stallion rushes to join her. I knew you'd be happy to see me, she says suggestively. And he is. Stallion and Riley disappear together for a heated hookup.

Holly Hendrix and Evelyn Claire
Evelyn Claire, Holly Hendrix
55 Photos, 18 min of video
Holly finds herself alone in the trailer with Donnie. When he pulls another asshole move on her, she finally confronts him. Donnie shrugs it off and disappears, leaving Holly alone. After a moment someone knocks at the door. I saw Donnie storm out, Evelyn says softly. She settles in next to Holly. The two drop the charades and speak frankly. After a tense pause, Evelyn makes it clear what she came for.